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A Pitch Deck is a brief overview of your business plan that helps potential investors
to understand your startup. The Pitch Deck acts as a first impression of your startup.
Hence, it is important to make it stand out.

Our Process

We Write
Get on a call with our content expert. Tell us your story and what you are working on and we will convey it through your pitch deck.

We Design
Talk to our designing exerts for design specs. We will ensure that your pitch deck carries your brand identity and concept.

We Deliver
Get your finished Pitch Deck delivered, within 14 business days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Pitch Deck is a primary introduction document about your startup, venture or business idea that you send to a secondary body such as an investor, could be an angel investor and a VC, or a bank when you want to raise capital or funds for your startup.

You have to make sure that you have the best pitch deck for your startup presentation, it should convey your story, should be crystal clear, easy to understand, informative, to the point and convincing.

To make a pitch deck you have to do your market research, understand what investors are looking for, strategize how you are going to convey your story through your pitch deck, how you will stand out. Having a professionally made pitch deck increases your chances of getting the investor meeting and funding.

Making a pitch deck is not easy and takes a lot of time, it’s not something you can pawn off to a team member. As it should tell the founder’s story, convey the problem the startup is solving, what’s their unique solution, what motivates them, how big the market is, what’s you business model, who are the competitors or big players if any, how you are better, how the future looks in coming 3 to 5 years- Financial Projections, what your funding requirement at what valuations and how you will use it.

You need an expert to answer all these questions, more importantly, help you to understand all of these, because an entrepreneur is good at its core, which is business, solving people’s problems through his unique solution.

If you have time and you understand all of this, you can also make a pitch deck by you own. First, you have to write the content which answers all the above questions, then do your market research and sizing, forecast your revenues and finances of the coming financial years, do your valuations- which are tricky and difficult, and then design it to your brand identity accordingly.

Being an Entrepreneur and a startup owner, you would definitely need funds once in your journey to build new technology, market your product or to push your growth rate.

To raise funds from angel investors or VCs, you need some documents to be right. The first and most important document is a pitch deck because helps them to understand what you are doing, what’s your objective, and how the future looks like.

Next comes the financial model, it tells the investors what would be forecasted revenue in the future, the expenses, how much you will be spending on different activities, and would be your unit economics.

These documents tell the investor about your Business, moreover, it tells them about you and your vision, and how serious are you about your startup. As these documents make the first impression upon the investor, and when you are ready, it conveys to the investor that you are serious and hence investable.

80% of investors prefer a professionally written and designed pitch deck.

A professionally build pitch deck is reliable and is correct. It conveys your story, informs the investor about the right problem and solution you are bringing in to disrupt the industry, includes market research, total addressable market- how big the potential market is, reliable financial model and valuations. All this increases your chances of getting and meeting and funding.

A pitch deck is a brief presentation of your startup idea, business or venture to an investor, a good pitch deck should include the following slides:

Market Size and Opportunity
Business Model
Competitor Analysis
Value Proposition
Financial Projections
The Ask
Use of Funds
Go-to-Market Strategy
Future Roadmap

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